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About Cael’s Gate

Our journey began back in 2016 when Chris, Reyna and Sam Chew set their sights on building an award-winning wine label.

“We have always been wine enthusiasts and shared a passion for great wine”

Chris, principal wine maker was intrigued by the question… What separates great wines from good ones? This led to the brothers studying the winemaking process in depth. With that, Cael’s Gate Wines was born.

As a family business, we pride ourselves on quality. We believe drinking wine should be an enjoyable experience. It may be cliché to say that our success is due to our paying close attention to the details, but that’s exactly why our wines are above average. We painstakingly control every aspect of the winemaking process to ensure consistent quality year after year.

At Cael’s Gate, our focus is on low-yielding vines and ensuring grape maturity to optimize the quality of the fruit. By maintaining low-yielding vines, more energy is concentrated on fewer grape clusters. This allows us to produce wines that display a complexity and balance that can only be derived from picking grapes at the precise level of ripeness and maturity. Reaching the perfect level of maturity requires carefully tending the vines, adequate time and lots of precious sunshine.