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Awarded Gold Medal at the 2019 3rd annual Asia International Wine Competition in Hong Kong

Dear Chris,

You did it! CWSA 2019 Results are out and you are a CWSA Medal Winner at the biggest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in Hong Kong and China.

The CWSA Judges traveled from each corner of Hong Kong, China and Taiwan to attend the blind tasting. These Judges are responsible for buying 90 million bottles of wine and spirits per year making them the powerhouse of the China wine market.

See the triumphant CWSA Trophy Medal Winners here.

CWSA 2019 was the biggest on record, and represents the largest and most influential Best Value Awards in the world.

Winners will be sent official CWSA Certificates by post shortly.

It is now time to celebrate and promote your win – using CWSA Winners Pack and Press Template (both in Chinese for all your partners). See the steps below and maximise your success by joining other CWSA Winners proudly showcasing their CWSA Medal Stickers on bottles and significantly boosting sales. Let them help you reach and exceed your targets.

Congratulations and best wishes!