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Awarded Gold Medal at the China Wine & Spirits Awards in Hong Kong

Hello Cael,

Congratulations on your win at Asia International Wine Competition. In its Third Year, the Asia International Wine Competition (AIWC) had over 200+ wines from 8+ countries around the world, with top wine buyers judging the products by their category and price. The judges were thrilled by the high quality of wine submitted from so many regions and countries. We look forward to the 4th Annual AIWC in September 2020!

Here is what you won:

Part of our new award system, we are providing you with a google drive file that will have all of your future awards spanning all competitions. See the following link:

This folder contains your medal image and certificates corresponding to your competitions wins. You may use the medal image in your point of sale or on the website, POS, marketing material, signs etc.
( I know that some companies will be asking for spelling and other corrections, we will handle this on an individual basis).

This is the address we currently have on file
We urge that you could please fill this Shipping Update link with a confirmation of your shipping address and as well as a T-shirt Size so we can send over the physical medals and this year’s winners T-shirts. We know you are very excited about your win and want your physical medal right now. Unfortunately, they are made (including the individual medals) overseas and take some time to order and get shipped to us. Upon arrival, we need to coordinate and ship it out to you. We thank you in advance for your patience!

If you wish to purchase our official medal image stickers, hang tags, shelf talkers, etc… the following link will lead you to our official landing page for any of your sticker purchasing needs: First In Print

The only restriction is that the use of our medal images on any bottles/cans and packaging is done through the approved purchased stickers through our partner First In Print or with an authorized AIWC medal image license from us for quality control. * Please feel free to contact us about any sticker license issues and needs for self-production.